Planned Giving

There are many ways to give, and a direct gift of cash is certainly not the only way. Many people choose to donate through planned gifts, which while furthering the mission of NCC, can often benefit you as well by reducing the burden of income, capital gains, or estate taxes.
Consider the following planned gifts:

  • Make a bequest to NCC through your will.
  • Establish a charitable trust, designating NCC as your charity of choice.
  • Give appreciated stocks, bonds or mutual funds to NCC.
  • Make NCC a beneficiary of your or your spouse’s pension or profit-sharing plan.
  • Name NCC as owner and beneficiary of an existing, paid policy, or a new life insurance policy. You will receive an immediate income tax deduction for an existing policy or deductions for continuing annual premiums on a new policy.
  • Make either an outright gift of real estate to NCC or create a life estate that allows you to continue to use and enjoy the real estate for a period of time.