Ephie Ballard-Johnson

President and CEO


Ephie Ballard-Johnson was born in Memphis, TN, to Monroe and JoeAnn Ballard. Along with her three siblings, she grew up watching her parents’ lives revolve around ministry. After graduating from Treadwell High School, she went on to earn a degree in English from the University of Memphis and certification from Nexus Leadership Academy.

Ephie and her husband, Rodney Johnson, moved to Decatur, Alabama, to plant a NCC there and then continued serving there as Directors for two years. The Johnsons moved back to Memphis, and Ephie took on the role of Administrative Director of NCC, a position she has held for over ten years. In this role, she oversees a staff of about sixty and is responsible for ensuring that programs and staff are effective.

In addition to her responsibilities at NCC, Ephie is the Choir Director at Hope Presbyterian Church and has sung for many venues, including rallies led by Dan Quail, Tony Evans, and many other conferences. She is featured on Fox13 WHBQ’s Faith Forum as the host. In recent years, she has participated in missions trips to Guyana, Kenya, France and Japan. She loves to share the gospel through song and befriend people everywhere, demonstrating the love of Christ. Rodney and Ephie have two sons, Andre and Jonathan.

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