Executive Staff

Ephie Ballard-Johnson, President/CEO
Harold Ware, Chief Finance Officer
Shelley Hill, Chief Strategic Execution Officer
Kiki Hall, Chief Development and Communications Officer
Kelbert Fagan, Chief Programs Officer
Dr. JoeAnn Ballard, Senior Advisor

Kedra Jones, Director of Business Affairs
Gina Johnson, Executive Administrator to President/CEO

Department of Development

Pamela Cox, Director of Community Engagement
Emmanuel Spence, Manager of Development and Information
Connor Stevens, Multi-Media Marketing Specialist

Compassionate Ministries

Tammie McKuhn,  Director
Felecia Foster, Site Coordinator, North Center/Scott Street

Department of Operations (DoOP)

Renee Crayton, Operations Director
Herman BrittonField Operations and Logistics Manager
Kevin Scallions, IT Specialist
Joyce Anderson, Receptionist (North Center)
 Donna Crawford, Receptionist (Scott St.)
Jeremy Bonds, Truck Rider
Joe Williams, Truck Driver
Mike Arnold, Ministry Assistant
Barbara Phillips, Ministry Assistant

Data Department

Fredrick Smith, Data Services Supervisor

Family Enrichment Ministries

Joi Hibbler, Operation Smart Child Educator/Community Engagement Manager
Sarah Dinkins, OSC Intern
Valetina Horton, Human Services Case Manager
Vivion Sisuse, Family Enrichment Director/Chaplin
Charles Bank, Family Enrichment Counselor (Legacy Men’s Ministry)
Otis Porter, Operations Support


Youth Ministries

Ryan Burton, Youth Director
Carlos Webster, College and Career Coordinator
Kristina Villines, YES Middle School Liaison
Cambrian Humes, Primary Education Specialist
Ricardo Harrison, Secondary Education Specialist
Jeffery Johnson, Senior Youth Development Specialist
Tawana Goolsby, YM3 and Media Support Specialist


Site Based Services

Hattie Porter, Director
LaTonya Williams, Site Coordinator (Greenbriar)
Demetria Malone, Site Coordinator (Chickasaw Place)
Caron Exton, Site Coordinator (Robinhood)
Linda Webster, House Director (Orange Mound Women’s Resource Center)
Diane Bowen, WES Enrichment Instructor (Orange Mound)
Tonzetta Wilson, WES Program and Placement Support (Orange Mound)
Deshanna Sledge, Site-Based Support (Greenbriar)