Importance of After-School programs

After-school  is a critical time for young people.  It is a time when they are least likely to be supervised and most likely to become involved in dangerous behaviors, such as drugs, alcohol, and crime.    After-school can also be a positive time when young people have the opportunity to enrich their learning or social experiences.  After-school programs can help reduce risky behaviors in youth and improve positive achievements.

We at the Neighborhood Christian Centers, Inc., provide a safe-haven for youth in our Bible Clubs, Character Building Clubs, Homework Centers, Career & College Readiness program, and many other development enhancement programs that teach our children the importance of their youth years.

We are always looking for awesome people who love to work with youth in our city!   These programs are swiftly approaching and we would be very grateful if you would sign up now to play an integral part in the lives of our youth.

Remember, role models give our youth a purpose and a passion that is real.   The children will get to see for themselves that there are some volunteers, who even grew up in the same communities, have carved their way out of the norm, and are able to express values such as teamwork, responsibility, and humility.

For more information on volunteering, please contact Pamela Cox at 901-881-6013 or


By Ricardo Harrison, Secondary Youth Studies Specialist


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