Spring Jam 2015: Around The World

NCC’s Annual Spring Jam Spring Break event is just around the corner. The 2015 Spring Jam will celebrate the 10th Anniversary of this educational, fun event serving hundreds of Memphis Youth. So, NCC will celebrate the 10th Spring Jam by honoring the 9 countries from the past years: Mexico, Brazil, China, Italy, Australia, Egypt, Greece, Japan, and France. On Thursday, March 12th, Friday, March 13th, and Saturday, March 14th, NCC’s gymnasium will be transformed into cities from each of the nine countries and oner 1,500 youth will go on a trip around the world to learn about other cultures, try new foods, experience international travel, and have FUN!

To learn more about how you can be a part of the event through in-kind donations, volunteer support, and financial contributions, visit: http://ncclife.org/springjam/


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