NCC Partners with MLGW and Electrolux to Keep Memphis Cool!

Hundreds of Shelby County Residents will have cooler homes, thanks to Electrolux and Memphis Light Gas & Water.  As part of its “Keeping Memphis Cool” initiative, Electrolux donated 600 air conditioning units, with a total value of $90,000 to Neighborhood Christian Centers, Inc., to assist seniors and low-income families who have been impacted by the high Memphis temperatures.

NCC Staff and Electrolux employees helped to unload the units and reload into the cars of those qualified individuals. Both Mayors, Shelby County Mayor Mark Luttrell and City Mayor A.C. Wharton, were present to offer their thanks to Electrolux and the Neighborhood Christian Center for playing such an important part in helping Shelby County residents stay cool.

MLGW is also helping to keep residents cool and possibly save lives with free air conditioners. MLGW, through it’s “Play It Cool” program teamed up again this year with Neighborhood Christian Center by donating a total of 250 AC units to qualified Shelby County low-income seniors and disabled residents who do not have a working A/C unit in their home.  Installation of the units will be done free of charge by MLGW employees.


We are indeed grateful to both MLGW and Electrolux for helping the residents of Shelby County stay cool this summer!


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